How does FairMeals work?

Simply install the app, search for the desired dish and order food. Then appear in the indicated period in the gastronomy business, show code from the app and take the selected food with you.

What is FairMeals?

FairMeals is a social enterprise, offering a platform which targets to reduce the waste of food in restaurants, bakeries, etc. caused by overproduction. Four parties are to benefit from this offer: Food providers, customers, charities and our environment.

Customers can save food from garbage and enjoy a delicious meal. Suppliers can increase their turnover and reduce food waste. In addition, 10% of all FairMeals' profits will go to charitable organisations.

And nature shouts a big “thank you” to you, because less greenhouse gases are produced, less oil is needed for transporting, less packing material, less… just less.

Why do we want to save food?

Every year, consumers in industrialized countries waste almost as much food as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa (222 million vs. 230 million tons). In Germany alone that’s about 82 kg of wasted food per person.

A THIRD of the world’s entire food supply could be saved by reducing waste – or enough to feed 3 billion people. The FAO estimates that every year, the production of food that is wasted generates “3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases” and uses up to “1.4 billion hectares of land – 28 per cent of the world’s agricultural area”. For us that’s enough reasons to stop this vicious chain of waste.

How does FairMeals work for the businesses?

Just install the app, upload the menu, and select the dishes you want to sell today. The number, the sales period and the price can be decided on. Everything can be changed just in time, ensuring a high degree of flexibility.

How is it that I can get a full meal at a lower price?

Almost every restaurant or bakery calculates a reserve when shopping and preparing the dishes. This reserve is not always used, so that meals or pastry remain in the gastronomy business. These foods can then be offered cheaper, since they would otherwise not be sold at all.

How much is a meal?

Every meal will have a discount up to 90%. The provider can choose to give an even higher discount. The current price will always appear once you select your meal.

How can I pay?

The food is paid locally, in the business itself. You can call up the respective payment possibilities under "informations of the provider". In most cases the payment is possible by means of an EC card or cash.

How do I know that my order has been placed?

After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email. So you know when and where you can pick up your food.

How am I going to help the environment when using FairMeals?

Because FairMeals only sells food that would otherwise land in the rubbish, you help to counter the waste of food and thus establish a sustainable use of resources.

How can I cancel my order?

An already triggered order can be canceled by the app.

Why is the offer limited in time?

The limitation of pick-up times is necessary to ensure the freshness of the products. In addition, it is partly food, which is just before the closing of the restaurant or the bakery still remains.

Can I bring my own container?

A one-way container will be provided for you by the business. But we would like to encourage you to bring your own container for environmental reasons.

What can I do if I forgot my username or password?

In case you forgot your password, click on “Forgot password” and we will send your login details by email. If you have forgotten your email address and password please send us a message to info@fairmeals.com

Your question hasn’t been answered? Please send us an email to info@fairmeals.com