Who suffers the most?

The weakest links in our society are the ones who are suffering the most: the children.

Even in Germany, for example, 2,8 Mio. children are at risk of poverty. Half a million of them are suffering from hunger *2. This is not only due to a lack of money within the families, but is rather caused by a wrong application of money use.

Money is more likely to be spend on soft drinks or sweets for children. For that reason by the end of the month there is not a sufficient amount of money available to provide for basic nutrition. The risk of poverty for underages has even risen by 1,5% between 2010 and 2015 *3.

But even in the age group of 18-65 ⅓ of the German population in 2015 is suffering from poverty or social exclusion. That’s an average of 20% of the entire population *4.

What can we change by a different approach?

  1. Millions of tons of precious food resources are spared
  2. Greenhouse gases caused by decayed, unused food will be diminished
  3. Gastronomy-businesses save costs and can offer lower prices
  4. People who want to live a food fair life can benefit from reduced food

But what is happening to people in need within our society?

For those people we want to take one more step in our chain of fairness.

Our help should multiply

We want to set an example and strengthen local initiatives that are experienced in fighting the hunger locally and internationally.

As a company located in Leipzig, Germany and Porto, Portugal we want to “think globally and act locally”. In this way we will start to cooperate with a local initiative called “Pavilion of hope”, located in Leipzig.

Why Leipzig?

More than ¼ of the children under 15 years are living from social welfare. After Berlin Leipzig the next city with the lowest income. Many inhabitants are receiving social support in addition to their salary, because their alone salary is not sufficient.

Every fourth person is facing poverty here. This far above average in Germany. Leipzig still remains the “capital of poverty” in Germany. So many things need to change here.

Through our support we want make a difference in this city!

"Birthday party of friends" and "Christmas for the people"

Since the year 2000 the association “Pavilion of hope” is celebrating annually it’s “Christmas for the people” party. They invite mainly needy and lonely people of the city to join a festive celebration.

About 450 visitors are happy to not have to spend Christmas alone.

To show appreciation for the people each one is receiving a personal gift and can join the join the banquet with goose and dumplings.

This annual event is embedded in a monthly Birthdayparty series. Each last sunday of the month about 120 needy or lonely people are following the invitation to the “Birthday party of friends”.

They are offered a joint meal, interesting program and room for conversation. More than just eating together this is about showing appreciation and value to them.

More than 100 volunteers are helping to make both celebrations a great experience for the visitors.