What do we do?

Prevent good food to end up in the garbage bin and in that way protect our environment

Support restaurants to become more efficient and to make better use of their resources

Assist clients to benefit from tasty, convenient meals in their surrounding

Facilitate sustainable initiatives to help people in need

Why do we do it?

Founder Christian Wimmler was looking for a simple answer to this complex question. Visiting various countries and food places over the past years he was confronted with the same problem time and time again: At the end of the day restaurants didn’t sell all of their meals and had to throw them away due to a lack of customers.

In Austria alone each restaurant is wasting about 5.200 kg p.a. of groceries, counting for 20% of the entire food prepared in the restaurant. This leads to an annual loss of approximately 9.600 Euro/year and restaurant.

The waste of food in private households amounts to annually 3.3 gigatons of greenhouse gases through production of groceries that have never been used. Adding to it the ecological damage caused by transport, cooling and wasted energy to prepare meals, we generate a devastating loss of energy, fossil fuels, clean air and precious food.

Furthermore, there is no universal approach for clients with small resources who are looking for nutritional alternatives with limited budget. So we needed a solution to help gastronomy businesses to reduce their food waste and by that increasing their turnover. At the same time the solution should provide an assistance for clients who are looking to find convenient ways of eating out.

In 2016 the idea to create the social startup FairMeals was born.

Fair especially because we want to extend the effect of saved food even further. 10% of our sales will go to charities. Suiting our FairMeals approach we want to facilitate initiatives that have a holistic approach to help people in need. Learn more

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Who are we?

Dr. Christian Wimmler

  • CEO/Founder
  • "The easiest way to act locally and globally, and everyone can join our cause towards a sustainable fu ture!"

Tiago Fernandes

  • CTO/Founder
  • "Technology must be used to help others and contribute to a self-sustaining world. Especially if there is food involved!"

Marco Schnell

  • Head of Marketing Communications & Country Coordinator (Alemanha)
  • "Reducing food waste. Supporting people in need. And enjoying delicious convenient food. That’s the perfect match for me."

Sophia Dubiel

  • Sales & Partner Relations
  • " I want help growing the network between user and businesses, so that in the future less food will be thrown away. In this way we add value to each meal, strengthen the environment and it makes us all feel better."